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The Basics of SEO Are Included

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Basic Search Engine Optimizations

  1. Title Tags
  2. H1 Headings
  3. Page Description
  4. Keyword Planning
  5. Creating a Sitemap
  6. Creating Your Google Analytics Account

The Title, H1 Headings and page descriptions placed on all your website pages for optimised SEO.

When creating headlines, we highlight the benefit to the reader, giving the headline a high EMV score for increased click-through rates.

Below is an example of the Title and Description



Keyword Planning

This process is done in the Wireframe Stage but mentioned here as it forms part of your SEO. Keywords form a useful content strategy which affects your overall marketing strategy.

The first two steps of this planning we require your valuable input as the business owner. The remaining steps we will research and forward to you. At this point, we can discuss together and review.

Step-by-Step Keyword Planning

  1. Create a list of relevant topics relating to your business.
  2. Identify the keywords and keyword phrases in your industry.
  3. Identify Related Search Terms in your industry.
  4. Check Competitors ranking for keywords.
  5. Identify Google Trends for Your Industry.

Creating a Sitemap

A Sitemap submitted to Google is crucial as it makes it easier for Google to find your site. It also tells Google about the content of your website and how often it is updated. Google ranks web pages and not just websites.

Your Google Analytics Account Created

Once created your Tracking ID to be embedded into your website for future data analyses.

Below are just a few typical Analyses that business website owners can keep track of:

Site submitted to Yahoo, Bing and Google search engines.

The Beginners Guide to SEO is insightful with 10 Chapters should you wish to broaden your knowledge on this subject.



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