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“On Page” and “Off Page” SEO Services

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Search Engine Optimisation Services

If we have designed your website for you, then the Basics of Search Engine Optimisation will already be implemented.

 A good user experience results in more visitors landing on your web pages. Site Speed and a simple navigational system along with relevant written content are crucial SEO strategies and are our focus. Professional product images with targeted keywords become more relevant as customers search for products in the "image” results become more popular.

There are two categories of search engine optimisation, “On-page” and “Off-page.”

On-Page SEO are all your website coding, features and content. The elements that we have control over.

Off-Page SEO are the techniques used outside your website to increase ranking in search engines.

Off Page SEO Services

Link Building

A new website will have a difficult time generating enough organic links to raise their rankings in search engines. Quality link building helps to improve the page rank of your website. With our link building techniques, we generate valuable quality Backlinks to your site. The focus on building quality links pointing to your website takes time, it is not an overnight success.

SEO Tools

(The Google Analytics Account is activated for new web design clients)

Social Networking

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Social Media Content Curation

Organised themed content from across the web shared on your social media platforms

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On Page SEO Services

Written Content

There is a significant amount of focus placed on the written content on your website pages. The information provided on your website must be punctually correct, it must be easy to read with no technical jargon, an active voice writing skill is needed. Digi Creations utilises two software programs, Grammarly & Hemingway Editor,  to ensure that you have professionally written content.

Website Analyses

For new websites submitted to search engines, we would advise waiting for at least 12 Weeks

Search term keyword phrases keep changing

Fresh content may be added to your site from time to time to keep it from going stale.

All spammy Backlinks pointing to your site removed as this has a negative impact on your SEO.

A logarithmic scale is used to establish domain authority of your website. A high score indicates potential to rank well in search engines.

A logarithmic scale which measures the relevance of information and links within a website.

The last date that Google bot accessed your page.

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