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Step by Step Website Planning

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Creating a plan that is going to drive results, which is really what this is all about, you need both a direction and the actions to take; they cannot be considered separately, as one determines the other.

Before you start working on your website, it is essential to figure out its purpose. Just getting an online presence is what most businesses strive to do, but that is not a valid strategy; it is vital to have a specific outcome for what you want to create, your target.

 You need to start with clarity by answering this question: What do I want and Why? Your answer will focus you in the direction you want to go. It is about creating the best solution, not just being trendier.

From my client’s past experiences they have taken on web designers who think the purpose of designing a website is to show how creative they are.  The bells and whistles are great on a site, but if you do not get the basics right, then you are dead in the water.

Purpose of a Website

Possible options of your website:

When a visitor lands on your homepage, you have got about three seconds to grab their attention. In that time you need to give visitors certainty of success by telling them:

Only a small percentage of people are looking to buy right now, when they visit your website, so make sure that you have a way to capture their names and email addresses so that you can continue to communicate with them in the future.

Providing new content shows your customers you are active and trustworthy. You can do this with a blog or by posting videos or articles regularly. Adding relevant content also improves your websites ability to be found on search engines.

When it comes to achieving outcomes, most people approach this entirely the wrong way. They start with “What do I have to do?’ so get lost in their to-do-lists and end up mistaking activity for achievement.

Many business owners confuse the business they are in with the product or service that they sell. However, remember, people, buy with emotion and justify with logic. The Industry you are in is, therefore, the business of emotion. You must first clarify what feeling your customers want to feel by buying your product or service. Then you can target your messaging and marketing, and your entire business, to provide that emotion.

The Competition - Find out what the market is already getting

It is essential to find out what your competition is already providing to your customers.

Get clear on your target audience

Getting clear on your target audience is an essential strategy; there is no point fishing for tuna in a lake. So get crystal clear on your ideal target audience and tightly position your content for them. Don’t fall into the trap of trying to appeal to everyone. Stay focused.

Remember where focus goes energy flows.

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