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Digital Marketing Company

More than half a billion new users joined social media platforms over the past 12 months, taking the global total to 4.33 billion by April 2021.


Let us know via email info@digicreation.co.za or give us a call on +27 82 738 6480 with three suitable time frames and dates you would be available for & we will schedule a meeting.

Digi Creations - Digital Marketing Team - Yvonne & Alex
Digi Creations - Digital Marketing Team - Alex

Found out how we can increase your website traffic with professional keyword rich written content.

Search Engine Optimization & Social Media Content Management Services

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Digi Creation Pty Ltd is a web development & digital marketing company that specializes in:

Search Engine Optimization Services – Ensuring Your website has:

  1. The technical search engine optimization elements are implemented throughout your website.
  2. Your written content is focused on your keywords and phrases for your industry according to Google search and trends.
  3. Ensuring keyword density is at least 1-2% distributed throughout your website page for maximum optimization.

Social Media Management Services 

We design, create & schedule your social media posts.

Engaging your audiences with an increased online presence.

Our team offers two decades of experience in small business management, WordPress web design & maintenance & specialize in search engine optimization services. We have vast global experience of both small and large-scale projects.

Your business is online and you need to increase website traffic with winning strategies.

How do we do that? We research the market and your competitor’s online strategy and find what is working.

As A Digital Marketing Company We Offer

Competitor Analysis

1. Benchmark your website traffic metrics against competitors.
2. Discover your organic search competitors and find opportunities to compete against them.
3. Highlight your advantages over the competition in paid search.
4. Keep control of your reputation with online competitor analysis.
5. Keep tabs on your audience’s preferences and discover new means of increasing engagement.

Paid Advertising

1. We Uncover billions of related terms and phrases, spot niche topics, and find question keywords to build the best keyword list for your PPC campaign.
2. Analyze your competitors’ ad strategies. See keywords they are bidding on.
3. Discover what audiences your competitors are targeting.

Market Analysis

1. Discover market size and potential, the key players, their online market share and traffic generation strategies.
2. Conduct a comparative analysis of market players’ online performance and trends.
3. Analyze your target market customers demand and interests, geo-distribution, their traffic journey to level up your communication and media strategies.

Competitor PR Monitoring

1. We find topics that encourage organic sharing among the target audience.
2. We source relevant backlink providers and influencers to support your brand reputation.
3. Broaden your PR impact based on digital monitoring.

PPC Keyword Research

1. We find related long-tail keywords and build a paid keyword list for your PPC campaign.
2. Find new keywords by analyzing your competitors.
3. Build a master keyword list.

What Our Clients Say

Web Marketing Company
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At Digi Creations, we invest heavily to stay on top of trends in social media & new technology for web design, aligning us with our vision which is the ability to adapt to technological innovation. When you work with us, you will see your results steadily improve.

We bring your digital platforms to life with a custom content strategy that is authentic and inspiring.

6 Ways To Reduce Your Web Design Quote

Providing us with all the relevant company information, website written content, &
professional images will significantly reduce your new website design quote.

Targeting a specific target audience does not mean you exclude people who do not meet your particular criteria. Instead, targeting a specific audience allows you to focus your message on the right target market and reach the people who are most likely to buy from you. You spend less but earn more by reaching the most valuable leads.

A specific end goal must be the core of any effective web design strategy. It would help if you started by listing the goals and objectives for your website. How are we going to convert your visitors into sales? Are we capturing leads via a contact form, or will visitors go to your physical location? Does your website offer online purchasing? Are we going to use lead pop-ups as a lead generation tool? If we have no goals, we have nothing to work towards!

Describe the style of website you want. Do you have specific company colours? What frustrates you when you are shopping online? Give us examples of websites aspects you like. Check out your competitor’s websites.

Your visual content is essential in establishing your brand’s online identity. Check out Pixabay & Unsplashed for any high-quality, relevant images for your business website. E-Commerce products must be clear and on a white background, free from any distracting clutter.

Write short & simple sentences keeping your customer in mind. Make your written text scannable and add in photos or images to help tell your story. Stick to active voice, do not worry; Digi Creation will help you with this. We will keep forms that customers need to fill in simple!

If you already have a domain and hosting plan, we will need those login details. Should you require assistance with domain purchasing and hosting, we will gladly assist with this process. Pay attention to your domain name and have at least one of your industry keywords in your domain name. Structure your website information into sections – Home page, about us, etc. A website with 300 words is not optimal for SEO; strive to keep your word count at around 600-700 words per page so we can rank for your industry keywords.


WordPress Web features

Digital Marketing Company

The design in web design is not just about colours, textures, shapes, photography, and fonts. In fact, these elements (Visual Design) make up only 1/5 of a website. Our goal is to make your website usable first, then beautiful – We focus on results, and then features.

WordPress, with 64 million websites and a 58.7% market share, is, without doubt, the leading CMS on the market.

Digital Marketing Company - SEO Ready WordPress Websites

SEO Ready

We take a look at not only the "behind the scenes" aspect of SEO but plan your written content based on your industry and keywords. There is no set rule for how many times your "keywords" should appear on a website page, but we aim for 1-2% keyword density for each web page.

Digital Marketing Company -Translate Your WordPress site in any language.

Multilingual & translatable

Have your WordPress website display in multiple languages based on your user's region. A multilingual website offers your customers the language of their choice, which creates confidence in buying and results in more conversions and website traffic.

Digital Marketing Company -Amazingly Responsive WordPress Websites

Amazingly responsive

Most website searches now originate from Mobile devices – Our WordPress web designs are responsive for those visitors who use tablets, desktops and mobile devices.

Digital Marketing Company -Need a community builder on your wordpress site?

Community builder

A community site enables users to communicate with one another – and with you. Set up private or public groups within your community.

Digital Marketing Company-Easy to navigate WordPress websites is key.

Easy to use interface

Clean, minimalist and easy to navigate websites are best to avoid distractions, helping the user to focus on what really matters. When your visitors are given too many choices, the decision becomes a chore and your website visitors will simply leave your site.

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